Kid Cupid’s ‘Unholy Ceremony’ | A Perfect Soundtrack To Summer

Gracing our ears with their debut EP ‘Unholy Ceremony’, London’s Kid Cupid showcase their ability to create utterly euphoric soundscapes. Following last year’s single ‘Easy’…it’s clear from just one listen of this new release that they’re deserving of every bit of support.

Inspired by conversations you’d have with a friend at a time of need, the EP opens with the twinkling melodies and soulful vocals of ‘Low’. Propelled by tribal beats, it’s a soaring, cinematic anthem that’ll capture your attention and leave you hooked.

Not letting go for an instant, ‘Better’ continues the collection with a shimmering, heartfelt emotion. Exuding positive vibes, it’s a message of encouragement to a loved one, with its sweeping, dreamy hooks and front woman Laura Shaw’s vocals soothing the soul.

Flowing with syncopated, glitchy beats, whirring guitar hooks and those trademark silky smooth vocals, third track ‘Cold Body’ oozes an anthemic splendour as it floats through the speakers and into your ears with an exquisite grace. EP closer ‘Burn’ leaves a lasting impression. Flowing with a haunting, majestic power, propulsive beats gradually build as Shaw’s rapturous vocals lift the track with a driving force to an uplifting and vibrant finale.

A perfect soundtrack to summer, ‘Unholy Ceremony’ will engulf you in a blissful wall of sound, whilst leaving you longing for more of Kid Cupid’s unique, rousing electro pop anthems.

‘Unholy Ceremony’ is out now.