London-based Alt-Pop band Kid Cupid, open up about their new rather convincing single ‘Easy’…Laura’s pumpkin pie and dreaming about Glastonbury.

Hi Kid Cupid, how are you today?

Laura: Really good thanks, feeling very cosy and autumnal. I’ve actually been making pumpkin pie today believe it or not, so into this season.

James: And I will be eating Laura’s pumpkin pie.

What’s your new single ‘Easy’ all about?

Easy explores themes of addiction and self destruction. As a band we’ve drawn from our personal experiences, it’s something we’ve all experienced in some way or another within our lives. There’s almost a back and forth/ switching of perspectives the whole way through the track which we wanted to create a sense of chaos or confusion, using a sparse arrangement in places to reflect this.

What first inspired you to start making music?

Laura: I used to raid my parents eclectic record collection and my dad plays bass so we have always been surrounded by instruments and singing. I also really wanted to join the talent shows so started writing my own songs from a young age! I’m cringing thinking about it now but I used to play the piano in the school hallway on our breaktimes for all to hear.

James: After “Mum” and “Dad”, it could be argued that my first words were “Beatles” and “Rolling Stones”. My old man would have me jamming on the couch pillows to their 4 disc anthologies, while he’s kicking his leg like Keith. They were his God’s and so it became my religion Ha.

Ian: I’ve grown up with music all around me. Going to gigs as a teenager, the energy and feeling I got at shows left me in awe and I thought from then on “ I’d like a piece that”!

You’ve been compared to the likes of Oh Wonder and SOHN, but who would you say are your main musical influences?

Between us all our influences are so diverse we draw from things like punk to soul music. At the beginning, we thought this could be an issue but it’s actually been our greatest asset and helps us transcend genres. Laura is a huge fan of Stevie Nicks but some artists we draw inspiration from at the moment are NAO, The Weeknd and were into film scores bigtime (i.e. Drive)

Can you describe your sound in 5 words?

Dark, Soulful, Cinematic, Gritty, Fun

And how would you say your new single ‘Easy’ differs from your previous release, ‘Blue Moon’?

I’d say it’s a lot darker and driven by more electronic elements. It’s got a very different vibe but we always try to have some key pads/sounds that run through our tracks to solidify our ‘sound’.

You’ve played some great live shows including The Garage and Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, but what has there been a particular gig that’s stood out as a highlight so far?

For us the gig at The Garage was a stand out, we headlined and the venue was full. Just such a great vibe and we had a good friend of ours curate a light show for us!!

What can fans expect from your live shows?

We are trying to improve all the time, we stand in a line on stage which is a bit weird, but people seem to love it. That actually came about because of a really small stage we had to squeeze onto, but it’s stuck! Laura also plays a floor tom for some of the tracks and we have lots of harmonies. James likes to throw some shapes on stage, in his words “drop it like it’s hot”, in Laura’s “it’s anything but hot.”

And if you could play live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I mean, feel like Glastonbury is the dream, just because it’s so iconic. Even if its just playing in the car park.

And have you got any live shows coming up?

We do! Nov 12th in Glasgow, Nov 25th (Acoustic) at Picturehouse Cinema in London, Dec 2nd Boston Music Room in London, Dec 3rd were playing an afternoon gig for parents and their children at Concrete Shoreditch + more to be announced! Keep an eye on the facebook or follow us on Bands in town.

Finally, what does the rest of 2017 have in store for Kid Cupid?

So we’re going to try and get some more gigs and sessions in, our music video will be out for Easy, and planning our debut EP for next year!