Khaliyah X’s ‘PSA (ft. Kayo)’ delivers a message of hope and resilience in latest R&B offering

“Life isn't always smooth sailing, and people may not always be kind, but that's just part of the journey”
25 April 2024

After What’s My Name?, Chicago’s Khaliyah X is back with PSA (ft. Kayo), her latest single. With smooth vocals and a relaxed vibe​, PSA delivers a message of hope, urging trust in life’s timing, blending classic R&B with contemporary elements.

 “Life isn’t always smooth sailing, and people may not always be kind, but that’s just part of the journey,” Khaliyah ​explains. “Embracing the ups and downs is simply embracing life itself.”

Khaliyah X distinguishes herself through her dedication to crafting a comprehensive artistic experience. From finely tuned lyrics to captivating visuals, she solidifies her status as a fresh force in the world of R&B.

In collaboration with underground Chicago rapper Kayo, Khaliyah X brings a new depth to PSA. Kayo’s verses blend seamlessly with Khaliyah’s vocals, effortlessly transitioning the track from alt-hip-hop to mainstream allure. His introspective delivery resonates profoundly, connecting with listeners on a deeper level.

Artwork by Marcus Scott

Behind the scenes, the synergy between the Chicago’s Princess and Kayo is palpable, fostering an enjoyable and fruitful creative process. Produced by the talented Joey Hamhock from LA, PSA stands as a testament to the collaborative ethos of the music industry.

As Khaliyah X eloquently puts it, “Life isn’t always smooth sailing“. Yet, through her music, she encourages us to embrace life’s ebbs and flows, finding solace in the journey itself. With ‘PSA,’ she provides a soundtrack for the forthcoming warmer months, reminding us to cherish every moment and revel in the present