KFIR QuickFire Questions

By Vasco Dega

Passionate singer-songwriter and performer Kfir releases his latest single Gigolo – A powerful message of defiance in a glossy, slick pop wrapping. No stranger to the stage, the Israeli-American has performed across theatres, including as part of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ in New York- He’s now taking his considerable talent to the vocal booth. 

We chatted to the outgoing performer for some quick fire questions:

What has been the most influential moment of your musical career so far? 

I feel that my entire journey till now has influenced me and my art.  I’m an independent music artist. I have been creating music in the last 7 years and been through so much. I think that all of it is an influential learning experience in shaping who I am. I am no stranger to hard work. As a professional dancer, I live with daily struggle and pain but no one prepared me for the uphill battle in making it in the music industry. I met so many people, had so many trials and errors (which I am still learning from), rivers of disappointments and few successes. But overall I am so proud of what I have done till now. Even when I have those hard days of seeing myself like a total loser and unaccomplished nobody. I still find inspiration in it, that’s influencing my art.  Someone told me once “There’s a set time for your destiny”. And I have to keep reminding myself just that.  As a musician I feel like I’ve grown so much as a writer, creator as well. All those lessons and experiences have influenced me personally and artistically.

What would you say is the most common theme to all of your songs?

It’s funny because my last conversation with my co-writer was like this: “why don’t you just write a simple love song? Most of your tracks until now are all about love struggles wrapped in dancing quality” I never really thought about it till now, but I guess I do write a lot about co – dependent relationships, some are about overcoming struggles and pain in life. But it’s all making you want to dance with the production style also because I always try to imagine what it will look like live on stage as well. I don’t really write about situations I haven’t experienced on my own skin. I feel like I am very honest in my writings, even if sometimes I describe it in different ways. As an artist I feel, like there can be no true art if you don’t reveal your essence. The stage is the same, any kind of art should be a mirror of the truth even when it’s fication because it needs to make a connection with someone else. 

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

I am really hoping and dreaming about making real memorable moments in a live performance as soon as we heal from this pandemic and get back to normal life. I have been extremely fortunate in performing on the biggest stages in the world like the Metropolitan Opera House and Broadway. Though it wasn’t with my own music yet, I will cherish those moments and experiences forever and will definitely use the lessons in my own shows and music. 

What dreams or ambitions do you want to achieve at some point?

I hope to be fortunate enough to keep on being healthy and creating music. I would love to create a big stage show and tour the world and meet new people. I love to connect with people. On a personal level maybe have a kid or two 🙂 

And finally, where do you see yourself in five years time?

I can’t predict tomorrow, so I really don’t know what will happen. I hope and dream to be on tour with my own show and perform to millions of people.