KERRY KATHLEEN QuickFire Questions

Exciting forward-thinking artist Kerry Kathleen, presents her futuristic pop gem called Over and Over Again.

Having released a new track all about love, it was fitting that it was released on Valentine’s Day with Kerry being in a happy relationship.  But her first love is music, specifically creating music in-between living in Sonoma County and being a certified Sommelier for five years.

Kerry felt restricted and made the jump to L.A to focus on creating pop music.  It made sense, she felt restrained in Sonoma County and her family were in LA, it was a no-brainer and now she spends her time being dialed into her music and being addicted to the hit Netflix show, You, even though it was cringe worthy.

The new single is being released on Valentine’s Day – was this by accident or on purpose? 

I released on Valentine’s Day because it’s a love song and I’m in a happy relationship that I wrote the song about.

You recently moved back to LA after living in Sonoma County for ten years, what is it about LA that makes people move there?

I have been fortunate enough to work in the wine industry for 10 years in gorgeous sonoma county but I’m ready for my music to lift off and felt restrained in sonoma County. With LA, my family is from there and it makes a lot of sense for my pop music.

You’ve talked before about how you suppressed music and put it on a shelf for a while – what happened for you to do that?

I focused on Becoming the highly competitive Certified Sommelier for 5 years and in order to achieve that title and pass the rigorous exam, I studied non stop and didn’t have much of a life or play much music during that time. After I passed, I turned my attention to music and now I can’t imagine my life without writing music and performing gigs weekly. I love it so much.

You are a qualified sommelier… which wine would you recommended to go with your music?!

That’s a tough question. love white burgundy and also Rosé to pair with my music. I am a huge fan of Chardonnay and it’s creamy rich profile but I also sometimes just want a refreshing Rosé. A producer would be Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuisse Burgundy. Plus who doesn’t like Rosé in the upcoming summer months? 🙂

Finally, what’s been a TV show or a movie that made you speechless in 2019/2020?

I would have to say the show YOU. I’m a romantic and this show was definitely cringe worthy but I loved the second season.