KENTON MACKAY ****** unleashes energetic Alt-Rock anthem ‘Royalty Free’

"Hey everybody! Look at me! Give me your attention and money!'—along with the disconcerting feelings that such a proclamation brings."
30 November 2023

At the epicenter of Austin’s diverse music scene, one standout voice is swiftly emerging, and it’s none other than Kenton Mackay. Equipped with a resonant baritone that effortlessly pierces through the musical landscape, an eclectic musical style, and a clever satirical wit that enriches his artistry, Mackay is causing a stir with his ​p​owerful debut single, Golden Boy. Presently, he releases yet another vibrant alternative rock anthem titled Royalty Free.

Kenton’s music is a ​r​ide into the depths of self-destruction, isolation, mental health, and the intricacies of modern society. A true satirist at heart, he extracts humor and beauty from the mundane aspects of everyday life. With a burgeoning performance schedule and a consistent flow of upcoming releases, Kenton Mackay is poised to become a permanent fixture not only in Texas but beyond.

The song, with its grunge-filled guitars, soaring vocals, and gritty edge, straddles the border of alternative rock—a space where Kenton thrives. His booming baritone vocals lend an almost nostalgic ’80s tonality, resonating with listeners on a profound level.

Kenton describes Royalty Free as “an ironic pop anthem that encapsulates the realization that, as a performer, I will inevitably have to exclaim, ‘Hey everybody! Look at me! Give me your attention and money!’—along with the disconcerting feelings that such a proclamation brings.”

Recording and producing the majority of the track and EP in his own house, Kenton Mackay brought Erik Wofford on board (known for his work with My Morning Jacket, Black Pumas, and The Black Angels) to record live drums, mix, and master the project. Kenton’s creative space itself adds a psychedelic touch, as he lives and records in the same building where the iconic psychedelic band ‘The Thirteenth Floor Elevators’ once rehearsed and exercised their unique lives.

With Royalty Free, Kenton Mackay unveils an energetic, hard-hitting garage alt-rock track that effortlessly weaves a sonic narrative between the realms of Radiohead and Wunderhorse. Drawing inspiration from Radiohead’s ‘Bodysnatchers,’ Mackay reinterprets the iconic guitar riff, creating an intoxicating blend of rock ‘n’ roll that showcases his electrifying presence.

Kenton Mackay entered the realm of music through the gateway of the guitar, meticulously breaking down the searing riffs of Nirvana, exploring the intricate compositions of Radiohead, and moving to the eclectic beats of Beck.​  After high school, he found his way to the vibrant city of Austin, immersing himself in the sonic landscapes of underground icons like the Black Angels and Broncho. Inspired and invigorated, he ventured into songwriting, eventually forming ‘Kenton Mackay and the Sensors.’ The result? Unpredictable and dynamic music that graced stages across the city.

Royalty Free is a taste of what’s in store from this exceptionally promising artist. It hooks you in from the rapturous first chord and keeps any fan of rock, pop, indie, and everything in between captivated until the last second.