This was Miracle Solutions first ever product, exploding onto the lingerie scene in 1999 when Julia Roberts wore the bra in Erin Brockovich to create her enviable cleavage.

Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich

This bra became famous for its fixed gel providing maximum cleavage enhancement and comfort by using the same silicon gel as used in breast implants, a true celebrity favourite for those red carpet events.
Since 1999 this bra has been developed, advanced, fully patented and design registered by Ultimo’s technical experts.
When Ultimo expanded they decided to take this high-demand, everyday essential and offer their best non-gel version for larger cupped woman.
Renound for creating a great shape whilst providing comfort and support Ultimo’s original maximum cleavage bra is a lingerie wardrope staple.
Comes with fixed straps, A-D style comes with fixed gel providing instant 2 cup size enhancement. Made from high quality snag resistant microfibre.

The Ultimo gel bras are the only bra in the world to use real silicone gel and add two cup sizes to the wearer.

Ultimo boss Michelle Mone said: ‘Since Julia Roberts wore this bra to create her cleavage in Erin Brockovich, it has consistently been our best-selling bra thanks to the patented silicone gel.

But we’ve seen a real surge in sales recently with core sizes selling out week after week, testament to the fact that cleavage is back.’

‘The gel adds 2 whole cup sizes for maximum cleavage enhancement, so women can easily get the same cleavage look as Kelly Brook with this bra.’