Men would most like to be stuck in a traffic jam with Kelly Brook and women would most like a good giggle with Peter Kay this Bank Holiday according to a survey by Swinton, the UK’s leading high street car insurance retailer.

In a poll of 2,000 motorists, Kelly Brook beat Dancing on Ice presenter Holly Willoughby as the person men would most like to have as their passenger. Phoenix Nights comedian Peter Kay came third and Virgin Tycoon Richard Branson was the fourth most popular celebrity.

Peter Kay was women drivers’ favourite passenger followed by This Morning host Fern Britton and comic Jonathan Ross.

A Swinton spokesperson said: ‘’Being stuck in traffic is incredibly boring and with 18 million drivers taking to the road this Bank Holiday many motorists are facing long journeys.

“It’s funny to see that women seem to think that personality is the key to a good driving companion, whereas men are choosing looks.”

Also named in the list of men’s favourites was Strictly Come Dancing presenter Bruce Forsyth, singer Lilly Allen and supermodel Elle Macpherson.

Ladies also picked out princes Harry and William, Office star Ricky Gervais and Radio One DJ Chris Moyles.

The research also found that 24 per cent of Brits said their husband or wife is the most annoying passenger they could end up driving with.

One in five drivers say that they row with fellow passengers at least once during a long journey and because of this, almost two thirds say they prefer driving by themselves to avoid arguments.

A cheeky 38 per cent of people even admitted they had made up a lie to avoid having to give someone a lift.

1. Kelly Brook
2. Holly Willoughby
3. Peter Kay
4. Sir Richard Branson
5. Elle Macphearson
6. Lily Allan
7. Ricky Gervais
8. Alan Sugar
9. Chris Moyles
10. Bruce Forsyth

1. Peter Kay
2. Fern Britton
3. Jonathan Ross
4. Jack Dee
5. Alan Carr
6. Phillip Schofield
7. Prince Harry
8. Prince William
9. Peter Andre
10. Johnny Wilkinson

Norwich: Fern Britton 13%
Birmingham: Peter Kay 12%
Plymouth: Jonathan Ross 11%
Leeds: Peter Kay 16%
London: Peter Kay 12%
Bristol: Justin Lee Collins 9%
Cambridge: Jack Dee 11%
Southampton: joint favourites Chris Moyles and Ricky Gervais 8%
Swansea: Peter Kay 15%
Manchester: Peter Kay 21%
Liverpool: Peter Kay 14%
Chelmsford: Sir Alan Sugar 10.6%
Sheffield: Peter Kay 24%
Newcastle: Peter Kay 10%
Coventry: Peter Kay 12%
Edinburgh: Peter Kay 14%
Leicester: Alan Carr 14%
Cardiff: Fern Britton 12%
Brighton and Hove: Jack Dee 15%
Glasgow: joint favourites Peter Kay and Fern Britton 12%
Aberdeen: joint favourites Peter Kay and Chris Moyles 10%
Oxford: Prince William 50%
York: Jack Dee 20%
Belfast: Holly Willoughby 16%
Wolverhampton: Johnny Wilkinson 29%