KEIR Shines With New Track LIVE THIS WAY

After selling out venues in Bristol and Berlin, singer-songwriter Keir has released his newest edition to his collection. He unveils a tune with equally exposed vocals that have been injected into his impressive repertoire so far.

The new track, Live This Way, is all about human connection. The freedom found in breaking down the chaos and doubt within yourself.  The twenty-five year old’s vocals shiver down the spines of listeners amidst classic guitar solos.

With acclaim from the likes of the BBC, Keir talks openly about breaking away from dark times. Ultimately, having the determination to keep going, through music and life.

Keir explains…“Live This Way is a human song about freedom, breaking down barriers and ridding yourself of the chaos and the doubt. It’s about defiance and that human necessity to live without constraints, without anxiety or worry. To me, the song feels like you are breaking out of yourself, tearing the walls down and breathing in again.Once you get free, you go on with intent. The words and melody give me determination, so even in the darkest times, no situation is too difficult to overcome. And that is a powerful thing to live by.”