KEIR Drops His Latest Deeply Personal And Moving Single SAY LOVE

By Frank Bell

Possessing all of the natural magnetism of the greats, Bristol’s own Keir has released another hauntingly emotional single, Say Love. Perfectly rounding off his latest EP A Thorn Without A Face, Keir has put his every emotion into this enchanting and ethereal alt-pop ballad. 

With polished and perfected soundscapes and soulful vocals, Say Love is a captivating and incredibly poignant track. Keir has created yet another atmospheric track framed by an angelic guitar melody and a drum beat that would sound just as at home on an arena stage as it would in a small club. Infusing the track with his every emotion, Keir divulges the meaning behind Say Love: “The track is a story of forgiveness, it’s hard to describe really. Life doesn’t always work out how you planned, to experience love even in fragments though, is really a beautiful thing.”

Possessing the ability to touch your very soul with only one listen, Say Love is a brutally honest and vulnerable track that touches on relatable topics that will resonate with any who listen to it. The true magic of Keir is his ability to both tear down your walls, and at the same time help you piece the world back together. 

Out now, Say Love is a deeply moving and dynamic track that showcases the very best of Keir, making us only more intrigued for what is yet to come from this incredibly exciting young artist!