KEIR Drops 3 Track EP ROSE

26-year-old singer KEIR displays a bright mind and a dark soul on his new album Rose. The 3 track EP features previous singles Shiver, a seductive groove that shudders with red-hot, angst-ridden sensuality, as well as the soulful pop ballad and EP’s title track Rose.

With his younger brother Kyle on drums, KEIR began his eponymous project four years ago and has been dropping exhilarating, emotionally-charged hits ever since. “I have too much self-loathing to work alone,” he says. Discussing the writing process, he said, “I learned to write songs by not knowing how to play chords,” he explains. His inspiration, rather, comes from a spiritual approach: transforming inner turmoil into a tune – not to spread misery but to exorcise demons, and in the best case, incite compassion. 

Musically, there’s enough mass that you start to feel a gravitational pull, and in lyrical tandem, KEIR reveals a heavy heart on his EP Rose. But there’s nothing heavy-handed about his words – piercingly sharp when needed, yet bold enough to stay soft. Always honest but often ambiguous, like a painting made of poetry.