By Vee D

Norwegian pop faves KEiiNO have revealed their explosive cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s mega-hit Drivers license. This version has the pedal firmly to the metal, in a high-octane, EDM-inspired interpretation.

KEiiNO said: “Excitement about finally seeing an end to the current situation was combined with built-up frustration, and the result was a mid-tempo song turned into a high-paced dance track. We think our version also proves that a great song can become even more powerful with a bit of joik,” referring to the traditional Norwegian Sami singing which KEiiNO are famous for working into their pure pop songs.

You can check the band out on TikTok, where they are sharing their very own “Klikkedanser” (Norwegian term for moving as energetically as possible) and will also upload their own tips on how to use the song in a home-workout program. As they hope for a hectic summer close to normal where they want to be in good shape, Tom, Fred, and Alexandra have committed to daily exercise and will also post-workout playlists including Drivers License along with some other of their favorite workout tunes.

We hope that the summer will be looking bright so we can all dance to this song in the sunshine!