Keeper returns with thrilling new song ‘ISPY’

"It's about opening up to the world and feeling more confident in my skin"
6 October 2022

By Frank Bell

As a true artist, London-based Keeper is always trying to push musical boundaries. Whether it’s by experimenting with new genres or remaining rebellious and refusing to conform to the rules, he wants people to share in his discovery of music.

Keeper grew up on straight-up post-hardcore music and has modernized it with pop & rap mixed in. Throw in his guitar skills and you’ve got a super unique sound.

His newest song, ‘ISPY’, features an addictive and catchy guitar riff, intriguing vocals, and infectious synth work.

Kepper states: “I-spy. For me. It’s about opening up to the world and feeling more confident in my skin and personality.”

The London-based artist says that the entire song was made within an hour, which is surprisingly quick. Producer Jon Cass laid the whole thing down flawlessly, creating a perfect palette for Keeper’s guitar. His latest convincing song, “ISPY”, is guitar-based, so those well-versed in it will be impressed.

Influenced by many different bands and styles, such as Enter Shikari, Neck Deep, Glaive and Dorian Electra, Keeper’s songs have some thought-provoking lyrics over the kind of upbeat chord progressions you might hear from top Pop-Punk artists

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Photo by AJ Thorz