Keep Your Business Data Secure With These Tips

By Vanessa B

The internet has exploded in recent years, but along with it has been the explosion of hackers and viruses. For every amazing solution that IT experts come up with to prevent data from being stolen, there is another hacker out there who is trying to jump into your files and steal your money and data. Without the correct security, you are going to leave yourself open to attack, and that can be devastating to your business. 

As damaging to your business as a hacker can be, you need to remember that there are measures that you can put in place to ensure that your business is protected. Just as you would put a gate on the outside of your business, you can put a wall around your data and keep it as protected as possible. You can use the help of the right IT company and ensure that your business stays safe, and you can also use the tips below to protect your business data. There’s no reason to leave your business unprotected, so choose all or some of these tips to help.

Have a strategy in place

You need to have more than just policies and procedures in place for your business to remain protected. Your security is important and with a plan in place to keep your information protected, you can easily ensure that you’re not left at risk of a break-in through your firewalls. If you have a strategy for incident response, you can avoid making heat of the moment decisions.

Add malware protection

Where you can, add malware to ensure that you protect your network. Malicious software can cause huge amounts of damage to your data, and it can swarm your machines, taking your business down from the inside. You can encrypt and strengthen your router, keeping your software protected at all times.

Protect the wireless network

Where you can, protect your wireless network and ensure that you don’t allow hackers to get through it. Encryption keys can help, especially if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, but if you strengthen your software and router, you can make your network basically invisible to a hacker. Hackers can’t hack what they cannot see!

Keep your passwords safeguarded where possible

Making sure that you have complex passwords can and will make a big difference to your security. Your employees have to have complex passwords that are changed every month if possible, and you can make your passwords at least eight characters long. If you embed numbers properly, you’re going to also ensure that these passwords cannot be easily guessed. Combinations of random letters, numbers and symbols are the best way to go as these are going to confuse anyone who tries to hack your data. A password manager can really help you here, as you can make sure that your passwords are secure.

Don’t forget to plan for your business personal devices

The biggest risk to small and medium businesses is in the security risks that come with home-owned devices. Make sure that your business has a plan for these, with virus protection and firewalls that cover each piece of hardware. Don’t forget that you have to also ensure that you have data deletion policies, so that your employees don’t end up with any exposure to hackers. While you’re there, make sure that you have the proper provision for staff who use their own devices as part of their job with you.

Update and automate

Your business is going to be far better off investing in automation among so many other things. Hackers love to scan and check a website to see what version of the software is available. If you update this information, you’re going to ensure that they can’t get through your website. Updating your security settings and other software is going to help you to ensure that you make improvements and safeguard against any threats that might come your way.

Always add a background check

If you plan to hire new people, safeguard your business from any employees that could be a danger to you by background checking everyone. Look at their background and get an idea of the kind of person they are. Be mindful of any existing employees, too, just in case of any changes in them. Any changes can indicate problems happening, and you have to be aware of these in case it puts your business at risk.

Always dispose of data correctly

If you’re getting rid of any information, know that you have to do it in the right way. Without this, you will put your information at risk. A security breach is damaging to your business and if you have to get rid of data, do it in a way that it can be destroyed properly. To destroy your information properly, you want to know that you have a sound data destruction policy. Get some advice from an IT team to help you here – they will be able to look into whether you are destroying data correctly.

Embrace the cloud

This is one place you want to embrace in your business. If you don’t have the time or expertise in your day to stay on top of your security, make sure that you have access to the cloud. The right cloud provider can help you to store and maintain your data, patching over any data issues and implementing the right security. It’s not often a small business enterprise will have the right cloud information, but if you reach out to an expert, you get the help that you need.

Continue training

Your employees need to be aware of the risks that they pose in your business. Offering regular training for all in your organization is important if you want to ensure that everyone is heeding your business practice. Your business needs solid support, and training can help you to achieve it. If you have specific security needs, train your employees the right way so that they are keeping you safe, too.