Maintaining a passion for fashion is like trying to run next to a bullet train – you might manage for a little while, but soon you’ll be too knackered to even comprehend cutting edge couture.

Indeed, the fashion world literally changes with the seasons. And if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need pockets deeper than a clown’s and the time to be fitted for bespoke outfits and read i-D from cover to cover.

But what if fashion wasn’t a question of simply aping the catwalk? What if you could perfect timeless solutions? And what if the same outfit never dated?
It is possible – all you need is a few of these red-hot tips.

Lay the foundation

People don’t check out your threads the first time they see you – they check out the skin you’re in.

Yet some take their makeup routine too far. You’ve probably walked by those fashion disasters a thousand times. Their foundation is slathered on like they were applying paint to a wall. Some of them are more orange than Oompa Loompas, doop-a-dee-doo.

For lasting fashion, you need a less imposing foundation. For our money, your best bet is Sheer Cover.

It won’t lie heavily on your skin and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Sometimes, the light touch is needed – so choose the right makeup for you.

Check out the classics

Have a Google of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. You can feel the glamour radiate effortlessly from their pictures.

What is it that made them look so enchanting?

The answer is understatement. Stark blacks and whites mixed with splashes of colour were the name of the game before the swinging 60s ruined it all. And they’re still in fashion now.

Whether you’re at a classy cocktail party or a dingy underground nightclub, the classics styles are always going to impress. So invest in a few understated tones and the rest will follow.

To good health!vegasysl-1There’s an undeniable link between exercise and high-fashion – that’s why you’ll never see Johnny Vegas sporting the latest line from Yves Saint Laurent.

Some of the world’s most famous fashion models could wear a bin bag and still look scintillating – in more obscure fashion shows, some probably have.

That’s why getting yourself in shape should be your main aim, no matter what you’re wearing.

If you struggle for time, all you really need is an intense 15 minute workout to make all the difference.

Couple this with a healthy, vitamin-packed diet and eight glasses of water a day.

You’ll soon have a vivacious glow – and be at the height of fashion in everything you wear.