Kean Farrar Reveals Bbrand New Inspired Single WINDOWSHOPPING

Born and raised in Berlin, 20 year old alternative R&B artist Kean Farrar has revealed his brand new Berlin-inpsired single Windowshopping.
A track full of undeniable pop appeal, Windowshopping is a track that is stripped down to it’s essence and manifests smooth guitars, bouncing beats and crisp, sensual vocals. 

When asked about the single, Kean said: “Berlin’s really got something. It always has been a showcase in one way or another. There’s so much going on, so many choices. The trouble is, if you keep your nose pressed against the windowfor too long, you can lose perspective and get lost in the distractions.”

Farrar take a unique approach to R&B, making his music versatile in both style and sound. With raw and dark lyrics, he reflects common themes of his own upbringing in a city characterised by hedonistic nightlife and historical isolation.