KAYRXN’s ‘Make It Out Pt. 2’ is an inspiring example of bouncing off hard times

"Eventually those tears will fade themselves and there will be nothing to fear."
1 June 2023

KAYRXN‘s ‘Make It Out Pt. 2‘ is an amazing combination of pop & rap, and it’s no surprise why this artist is climbing the ranks.

He reveals: “Make It Out Pt. 2’ is about defying the odds, going through all the trials and hardships in whatever you’re doing and pushing forward. Eventually those tears will fade themselves and there will be nothing to fear.”

KAYRXN is super talented with words and has his sights set high to make sure he can help others with his work. He’s determined to get it done no matter what.

His music has a great flow, and combined with his unique mask-like style, it looks like he could be on track to becoming a big name in hip-hop. He seems to be ticking off all the good boxes.

You might think that someone from the streets of Baltimore would be a problem, but this artist defies expectations and glows with his reputation. He does everything in his power to do hip-hop and rap that he loves, which is demonstrated by his unique style.

The Baltimore artist stands out because of his ability to switch up from singing to rapping over trap beats in an upbeat and energetic type of music.

KAYRXN‘s first song, Teenager, was released in 2018 and since then he’s got a huge fan base – 300k followers on social media.

He released three convincing albums after that, clearly indicating that it does not let industry expectations prevent it from creating and releasing new tracks.

KAYRXN returns with Make It Out Pt. 2, a catchy & groovy rap track that shows he’s here to stay!

Photo by Kevin Bua