KATILE Releases Uplifting New Single SAY SORRY

By Frank Bell

Blending euphoric vocal lines with an infectious dance-pop production, Katile has returned with her third single, Say Sorry. The talented, NY-based singer and songwriter has been working towards perfecting her craft as early as 2015, teaming up with Grammy Award winning super-producer and singer Mark Hudson, landing live performances all over New York, as well as earning praise from The New York Post, Hollywood Life, Bravo and Time Out NY and more. 

Say Sorry marks her latest pop effort, a relatable song speaking to everyone who feels the need to apologize for being themselves. Quirky melodies and an explosive chorus characterise the single, while Katile offers a tasteful and lively vocal performance, making this arguably her best tune to date. 

“I wrote Say Sorry because I’m someone that is ALWAYS apologizing, my anxiety makes me feel the need to apologize for everything,” explains Katile. “From apologizing about my career path and sexuality to family to friends, when I should just say “thank you” – from the barista at Starbucks, to my cab driver, to everyone. I feel like a lot of people do this too, saying sorry all the time and I think we should all be proud of who we are, the choices we make, and own the space we take up. Nobody should be apologizing for just being themselves.”