katie price book2From my early teens I’ve been an exhibitionist and from the time I started senior school I was desperate to look different. I’ve always gone for clothes that make me stand out, rather than blend in with the rest of the crowd.

And nobody stands out from the crowd quite like Katie Price. The world can’t help but sit up and take notice of her every move. Ever since her early modelling shoots, the camera lens has never been off her and even in those early days, it was clear that a star was born.

Katie Price isn’t one to follow trends. Unafraid to do whatever it takes to look how she wants, she doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules and she always does things her own way.
katie price book1Here, Katie Price opens up her make-up bag and throws open the doors to her wardrobe. She talks about how her image has changed as her career in the spotlight has evolved, and how what she wears affects her relationships with her family, her fans and the press.

She reveals all her top tips on looking and feeling good to get the best out of life including what she wore on the night that Jordan was born, how she puts together an outfit to make a statement and she talks frankly about her fascination with cosmetic surgery.

Find out which style crime makes Katie say there’s just no excuse for it and who makes Katie think did you actually look in the mirror before leaving the house? And what are the must-have items Katie just can’t live without.

Packed with hundreds of exclusive photos, this is Katie’s guide to looking good, living life and being happy, inspiring others to be confident about the woman they are and the woman they want to be.

ON 22ND OCTOBER 2009 AT £20.00