Katie Melua releases ‘Toy Collection’, a melancholic and whimsical song written by Katie for the film ‘Faintheart’ (a project developed on Myspace) and inspired by Katie’s own enjoyment of games and toys.“I bought an antique doll’s house for myself and I am obsessed with it. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have many toys growing up” Katie said, referring to her upbringing in Georgia. “Who’s to say when you get older, you don’t need a toy collection”

Taking the lyric to heart, on her current tour Katie and her band have been mastering the skill of flying remote controlled helicopters with each of them buying their own toy. “You have to have some kind of entertainment going on when you’re not sound-checking or performing and the helicopter just became this fad. Before the doors open, when the venue is empty, arenas are the perfect place to fly them. It’s incredible how much skill you need for it, to do things like landing it on a table or making it fly underneath, it takes ages to perfect it.”

‘Toy Collection’ is one of three new songs recorded for the release of ‘The Katie Melua Collection’, a musical summary of the 24 year old’s journey so far, which is being released to coincide with Katie’s arena tour in October and November. This two disc set comprises 17 songs – including ‘The Closest Thing To Crazy’, Nine Million Bicycles’, the number 1 duet with Eva Cassidy ‘What A Wonderful World’ and 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks – and a live DVD filmed earlier this year in Rotterdam. Highlights from Katie’s three albums (‘Call Off The Search’, ‘Piece By Piece’ and ‘Pictures’) are joined by ‘When You Taught Me How To Dance’, from the film Miss Potter, and the three new songs recorded for this album release – ‘Toy Collection’, ‘Somewhere In The Same Hotel’ and ‘Two Bare Feet’.


1. The Closest Thing To Crazy
2. Nine Million Bicycles
3. What A Wonderful World
4. If You Were A Sailboat
5. Piece By Piece
6. Call Off The Search
7. On The Road Again
8. Mary Pickford
9. Spider’s Web
10. Thank You, Stars
11. I Cried For You
12. Crawling Up A Hill
13. Tiger In The Night
14. When You Taught Me How To Dance
15. Two Bare Feet
16. Toy Collection
17. Somewhere In The Same Hotel

The Arena Tour 2008, Live from Rotterdam
Plus ‘Behind The Screens’ – a short film about the preparation and design of the tour production

Katie is currently on tour in Britain completing her three month tour which concludes in Brighton on November 11th.

  • katiemelua.com
  • Are we ever too old to have toys? Not according to recent research. Global toy sales reached £45 billion in 2007 with 88% of US households with no children under 18 buying at least one toy last year.