Katie Melua took time out of recording her fifth studio album to join the Opel Project Earth expedition to the Canadian Arctic.
The Arctic was the destination of the second leg of the expedition that has seen a group of environmentalists visiting four of the most endangered regions of the world: the Arctic, the Pacific, Panama and Tanzania .

Katie camped in Pond Inlet, an Inuit hamlet in the Qikiqtaaluk region of Nunavut in Canada , where she joined the expedition members for lectures, guided tours and expeditions and from where they explored the ice, the polar sea, the coastline and the mainland. Katie and the team were accompanied by members of the local Inuit community and by two representatives of World Wildlife Fund Canada – Martin Von Mirbach, director of their Canadian Arctic programme, and Pete Ewins, Senior Officer of Species.

Talking after the expedition Katie said: “One of the main reasons for this trip was to meet the Inuit, the local people, and to talk with them and get their viewpoint. It is easy when you are far away to have an opinion but no one knows better than the local people and you realise how complicated the picture is when it comes to environmental awareness and climate change.

What I’ve learned is that climate change is happening, there is still question about what is causing it, but without a shadow of doubt we have to all be a bit more environmentally aware and have more respect for the planet.”