Kate Nash unveils ‘Space Odyssey 2001’ and details for upcoming album release

"Romance came back into my life in this effervescent, joyful and healing way. I’d been through so much pain and toxicity"
17 April 2024
Photo by Alice Baxley

Accompanied by a horror-inspired music video filmed just outside of Yosemite

Kate Nash, the bold and unapologetic storyteller of the music industry, is back with her latest single, Space Odyssey 2001, from her forthcoming album 9 Sad Symphonies, set to release on June 21 under Kill Rock Stars. Drawing inspiration from the cinematic brilliance of its namesake, the track features Kate’s sharp lyrical prowess woven into a mesmerizing tapestry of baroque pop, recounting a memorable first date with her now-partner while humorously reflecting on her movie choice.

Accompanied by a horror-inspired music video filmed just outside of Yosemite, the song adds a haunting visual dimension to its narrative.

Directed by Kate Nash | Shot by Thomas Silverman & Kate Nash ! Edited by Kate Nash | Coloured by Zoe Rain Lambert @silverlakecowgirl

Sharing insights on the music video, Kate elaborates, “I shot this video just outside of Yosemite in a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere with my boyfriend. We were living in California at the time, and one of the benefits of living there is the access to national parks and proximity to vast expansive beauty. We would take a lot of road trips and went back to this cabin a number of times around my birthday. It became a refuge during the pandemic. Total escapism, wilderness and peace. We shot this video with just the two of us. The idea was inspired again by musical theater, but also I guess my love of horror bleeds into a lot of visuals. I love using horror to represent emotional trauma.” 

Delving deeper into the song’s meaning, Kate reveals: “‘Space Odyssey’ is a love song about my partner who I was friends with for many years, but we met up at just the right time in the summer of 2017, both single and very unexpectedly fell in love. Romance came back into my life in this effervescent, joyful and healing way. I’d been through so much pain and toxicity. In the video, I arrive at this homestead having been through hell, exhausted and at the point of no return. I am rescued by a half man/half donkey. It’s inspired by Shakespeare and the way his plays use surrealism, fairy tale and classic love stories, but also the genuine complexities of human relationships. I’m taken into this homestead as I’m ready to give up and am healed by sunshine, friendship, food, joy, animals, nature and falling in love with someone you really don’t expect, which transforms me from a broken, bloody mess to a higher level self (in this case, a fairy).” 

Photo by Alice Baxley

9 Sad Symphonies marks Kate’s fifth studio album and her first full-length release since 2018’s Yesterday Was Forever, as well as her first collaboration with a label in over a decade. Departing from her more intense recent output, the album draws inspiration from old Hollywood and vintage musicals, delivering a collection of ten enchanting songs filled with lush string arrangements. Despite the bright surface, the album delves into the complexities of navigating chaos and finding beauty within it.

Since her 2007 debut with Made Of Bricks, Kate Nash fearlessly expands her horizons in music and acting, captivating audiences with authentic storytelling. From multi-platinum albums to acclaimed roles in Netflix’s GLOW, she mesmerizes with her raw and alluring presence in the industry.

Now, with Space Odyssey 2001 leading the charge, fans eagerly anticipate the cinematic experience of 9 Sad Symphonies.