Courtney Bingham, the now infamous girlfriend of Mötley Crüe rocker Nikki Sixx, is involved in a big-time cat fight with a certain Kat Von D. Why? Because Nikki Sixx is Kat’s ex-boyfriend and Courtney’s current boyfriend.

Apparently these two girls had a run-in at the iHeart music festival over the weekend that escalated into a nasty VIP section brawl.

So the drama over the weekend started when Courtney showed up to iHeart and went to see Kat’s new boyfriend Deadmau5 spin at the Xcess after party.

“Kat threw a fit and blocked Courtney from the VIP,” an insider at the venue told Hollyscoop.

Then Courtney was overheard telling people, “the nicest thing I can say about Kat is that all of her tattoos are spelled correctly!”

Dayuuumm! It’s about to be, a WHAT, girlfight!

Here’s the backstory between these two girls.

Even though Kat is happily dating Deadmau5 now, she was reportedly “obsessed” with Nikki and even tried to get back together with him when he started dating Courtney.

Kat is still bitter that Nikki never married her.

Apparently things were pretty serious when Kat and Nikki WERE together, so serious that Nikki got a “K” tattoo in her honor.

He’s since had the tat covered up, and got Courtney’s name tatted in place.
By Madison Vanderberg