KAT KOAN QuickFire Questions

Berlin’s alt-pop artist Kat Koan presents fetching new video for Silly Me.

What was the first album you bought?

The first album I bought was Island Life by Grace Jones. I’m still obsessed with her. The way she carves out her own space with no regard whatsoever for standard categories. When she speaks or sings, everyone needs to listen. Her performance, her sense of fashion, her artwork, her persona..  It’s all an ever evolving piece of art that smashes apart musical genres, gender and sexuality and categories of class and race. She’s my heroine.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

I love people who push boundaries. I’m not really into one particular genre, it’s more about the creative approaches for me. Grace Jones, FKA Twigs, Peaches, Grimes, Ladytron and Miss Kittin  are some of my inspirations. 

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

I’m a super visual person, constantly dreaming up some weird worlds in my head. My songs are mostly inspired by things I see, it can be a random photograph or an empty road.. when it grabs me I start imagining what that particular place would sound like and I put together sound effects.  Movie scenes are a huge inspiration, most notably slow paced scenes with lots of tension and quirky characters that are walking contradictions. My favourite directors are David Lynch and  Wes Anders. 

Tell us about your new video for Silly Me?

Silly Me was written for an ex who had forgotten to tell me that he was married. That wasn’t exactly fun to find out. My heart was pretty sad for quite a while. Making music is the most cathartic thing in my opinion – it’s cool to re-visit those emotions and tackle topics with dark humor. The video for Silly Me happened by accident. I was bored during lockdown and wanted to learn something new, so I started to accept hula hoop challenges for fun – ‘eat spaghetti whilst hula hooping’, ‘dance naked on a roof terrace’ and other shenanigans. I realised that the song was the perfect sound track for it. Somehow it then turned into a community project, with women from all over Europe sending me clips of themselves hula hooping coz they identified with the song’s sentiment. It made my lockdown period a lot more interesting than expected.  

What can we expect from you in 2020?

Silly Me is chapter 7 in an album adventure called LUSTPRINZIP. I’ll release the next chapters some time later this year. There’s a chance that I may be making a track for a German movie too. That would be a dream, so fingers crossed.