Kalpee celebrates the ‘Island Gyal’ 

“I wanted this song to feel nostalgic, light and fun, ‘cause that's what the islands remind me of."
26 May 2022

By Frank Bell

Unearthing his Caribbean sound and channeling its euphonous essence across international seas, Trinidad and Toboggan artist Kalpee shares with us his new single ‘Island Gyal’. The single is a celebration of the Caribbean, the energy of carnival and the essence of island life, characterized by Kalpee’s distinctive vocals, it is a track to soundtrack many a summer.

Speaking on the single, Kalpee tells Fame Magazine, I wanted this song to feel nostalgic, light and fun, ‘cause that’s what the islands remind me of. The music feels so much like home, blending genres like calypso and dancehall together and incorporating instruments like steel pan and brass, that remind me of Trini carnival.” 

He also explains how the track came to be, “The idea for the song started in Barbados and then I had to go back home to Trinidad, to capture the energy I thought was necessary for the track. As I landed in Trini, I linked up with my bro, Tano, who at the time had recently built his studio. I hadn’t seen him since before Covid happened, so I played him the idea of ‘Island Gyal’ and we immediately just started collaborating, vibing, talking about memories, about carnival and how sad it was that didn’t happen and I think that was the inspiration that helped us finish the song.”

The release is also accompanied by a stunning music video and illumination of the Caribbean shores, beautiful enough to wash away any form of winter blues.

Not only a music artist but also the co-founder of the “Island Wave” platform, a platform dedicated to bringing Caribbean music to the forefront of the international scene, it is fair to say multi-faceted individual is destined for great things.