KAITLYN VELEZ QuickFire Questions

"One bad relationship after the other, I finally got it right."
18th October 2020

By Vasco Dega

New York based singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Velez found a love for her craft when she would write birthday jingles for her friends. The young artist has always had a passion for storytelling, and her latest release FOMO is a continuation of this love. 

Filled with bubblegum pop rhythms, FOMO is a song for those who find it
difficult to live in the present, worrying that a decision they make now will negatively impact the future they’ve envisioned.

“When we think of FOMO we think of missing out on something, especially this year where I felt I was missing out on something and someone”, Kaitlyn explains. “One bad relationship after the other, I finally got it right. Due to past experiences, I was psyching myself out and thinking that maybe this wasn’t what I needed and talked myself in circles around what I was feeling. My insecurities and self doubt almost got the best of me, but in the end I got everything I wanted!”

We had a quick chat with Kiatlyn to find out a little more about her creative process…

What would you say is the most common theme to all of your songs?

A lot of my songs are about personal situations that a lot of people can relate to. Each song has a story to tell but it’s vague enough where the listeners can put themselves in my shoes and look at it from their own experiences. That’s the magic of songwriting. You are able to put words and a melody to things that are going on in your life as well as others and create something beautiful that people can connect to. 

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Two moments come to mind! Raising $750 for the Equal Justice Initiative with my song “i miss you” and having a Zoom mentoring session with Khalid and his awesome producers, Denis and Khirye. 

What dreams or ambitions do you want to achieve at some point?

I would like to have a non profit that has to do with funding music education in schools. My music teachers and overall music education changed my life and was so vital to my school experience and life in general. It’s something so important to me and I want to be able to do what I can to ensure that other kids are able to have that accessible to them. I would also love to be on Broadway, work with some of my favorite artists as well as have a fashion line. Music is my favorite thing to do but activism, musical theatre and clothes are other things I’d love to venture out into as well! 

And finally, where do you see yourself in five years time?

I am not really sure what the future entails but all I can really hope for is happiness and health. I am super excited for what’s to come and have high hopes for sure.


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