KADEBOSTANY Reveal Their Latest ACT – DRAMA!

Kadebostany, the band project from Guillaume de Kadebostany, has revealed an audacious and unpredictable EP, pushing the artist further into the unique musical and visual territory that he occupies. Kadebostany’s songs have accumulated over half a billion streams on YouTube in total!

DRAMA – Act 1 is the EP  marking the beginning of a new era. The EP features guest artists Irina Rimes (Letters from Her), KAZKA (Baby I’m Ok), and Kadebostany’s new live singers Fang The Great (I wasn’t made for love) and Celia (Take it away from me). The four vocalists contribute their distinct personalities and particular influences to a resounding diversity across the EP. 

Known for their colossal live performances, Kadebostany have played over 500 live shows in more than 25 countries over the last couple of years including key festivals such as Sziget, Chill Out, Fusion and Montreux Jazz Festival. They have also featured as guest stars for The X-Factor, the final of Dancing with the Stars and even headlined FIFA’s closing ceremony with a crowd of 120,000. 

Check out the video for DRAMA – Act 1 here on FM and enjoy all four magnificent songs!