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Kacia introduces ‘Drifting Apart’: Pushing the limits of artistic innovation

"This is the beginning of what feels like a big change for me artistically and a journey I can't wait to take people on"
19th January 2024

Kacia, a rising talent, embodies the bold spirit of the new generation of artists who dare to challenge norms and venture into unexplored musical landscapes. With his emotionally charged and introspective style, Kacia takes a bold leap with his latest release, Drifting Apart, through Salt House Records. This track delves deep into the complex dynamics of failing relationships and the transformative experiences of growing up, adding a new layer to Kacia’s already impressive discography.

The music video for Drifting Apart, directed by Tom Knibbs of SilentKproductions, skillfully continues the narrative theme established in Kacia’s previous videos. Utilizing a split-screen technique, it symbolizes the growing emotional and physical distance in a long-distance relationship. This creative narrative technique effectively captures the subtle, pivotal moments of a relationship at its turning point, signifying a major development in Kacia’s approach to visual storytelling.

Drifting Apart sees Kacia delving into the emotional upheaval of a relationship nearing its end. The song powerfully depicts the tumultuous range of emotions experienced in the struggle to revive a dwindling bond.​  Kacia’s expressive lyrics navigate through the peaks and troughs of the relationship, touching on self-deception, the realization of irreversible change, and the accompanying feelings of guilt and self-blame. This song resonates with the universal experience of outgrowing a long-term partner, painting a detailed picture of the complex emotions that arise from such situations.

Kacia ​e​xplains, “‘Drifting Apart’ explores something I’ve been through in my life, and something I see a lot of people around me going through. It feels very real, very authentic, and tells a journey clearly. ‘Drifting Apart’ is a big turning point in the writing process of my forthcoming album ‘What If Life is Just A Movie,’ showing a more grown-up sound compared to previous releases. I’m very excited to start 2024 off with this song; it feels like a good start to the year and one that sets the album up nicely. This is the beginning of what feels like a big change for me artistically and a journey I can’t wait to take people on.”

Kacia​’ Drifting Apart​ with its unique alternative pop/r&b sound, characterized by heartfelt vocal expressions and authentic delivery, showcases his talent for articulating vulnerability and connecting with the experiences of young adults. 

Drifting Apart marks the latest evolution in Kacia’s sound, building upon the success of his previous hits like the lively Young Fun Dumb, the introspective Night Out, and the compelling Plastic Straws, which garnered support from Radio One. Every track in Kacia’s collection tells a story from his personal life, weaving together a compelling and unified narrative that grows and unfolds with each new release.

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