K.O.A. Begin 2021 With Scintillating I’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE

By Vasco Dega

K.O.A. are the new kids on the L.A block. A dynamic brother combination that have been through so much together, that they decided to take their talents and turn to music. Austin & Jagger Spacy makeup K.O.A., and somehow deliver a type of aesthetic through their sound, sonically creating an alt-pop/hip-hop blend that sticks with you for days on end. I’ve been here before is only the duos third release, and with a theme of auto-tuned lyrics, it all seems to fit the mould of what the two are all about. 

With the song delving into being let down in the past and feeling some sort of immunity from the hurt, you can almost feel this in the lyrics of ‘I feel invincible, kind of get used to letting go’. This is an upbeat song with a downbeat message, and K.O.A. have certainly struck a chord. The instrumentation almost brings back a sense of 90s indie pop nostalgia, but in contrast with the clever, modern day production, instills an alternative sound that we could all get used to.