We are in love. It’s no secret. Which is why we’re announcing it here. Today. Ever since we heard ‘The Body’ – the latest single from the Berlin-based artist who releases music under the JYLDA moniker – we couldn’t stop thinking about her. So what could be better than getting an email with her latest video? We’ve had it on repeat all morning and now we’re going to share it with the world. JYLDA and the David Vajda (the director) actually managed to marry Big Lebowski with Twin Peaks. That in itself is as Lynchian as it gets. We are in heaven right now.

David Vajda explains…”I wanted to make the violence stupidly unnecessary and stoical in its execution. Like that it hopefully gained a parodical and at the same time unsettling quality.” JYLDA adds: “The goal was to have a contrast to the gentleness of the track and the coolness of the vocals.”