Justus and The Limits drop new single ‘Hard In The City’

"It's about striving to achieve and maintain your dreams despite adversity"
24 May 2024
Photo by Dave Wood

FM Premiere

Denver’s very own musical force, Justus and The Limits, return with a thunderous announcement: their newest single, Hard In The City, is now available. With a decade-long history of enthralling Colorado audiences, blending infectious reggae melodies, rock anthems, and electrifying guitar improvisations, Justus and The Limits are set to redefine the music landscape once more.

Written by frontman Justus Lacewell and collectively arranged by the band, Hard In The City embodies resilience and determination. Lacewell explains, “It’s about striving to achieve and maintain your dreams despite adversity.” Reflecting on personal struggles like launching a business and battling legal issues, Lacewell’s lyrics echo the resilience needed to conquer life’s challenges.

Recorded at the renowned Violet Recording in Boulder, Colorado, Hard In The City boasts a sound crafted with the highest quality vintage analogue audio gear. Meticulously engineered, mixed, and mastered by Chris Wright, the track exudes authenticity and vigor. Wylie Jones’s addition on keys brings a heightened sense of depth and richness to the composition, elevating it to unprecedented levels.

Composed of ​singer/​songwriter Justus Lacewell, ​dummer Sam Niehaus, ​lead ​guitarist Eric Ciccone, and ​bassist Mark Ciccone, their talent for seamlessly blending diverse musical styles has cemented their reputation as a band to follow.

Hard In The City serves as a testament to the band’s engaging sound. The track’s theme of resilience and determination is certain to resonate and motivate, whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to their music.