Junodef share Eurovision dreams alongside timely new single

"We’ll probably not audition as Junodef but in some shape or form, we’ll mount that gorgeous glittery Eurovision stage."
16 May 2022
By Vanessa B

Hailing from Sweden and based in London, female three-piece band Junodef recently released their breathtaking new single “Eurovision 2004“.

A genre-defying tour-de-force with an immense sound, the single features a haunting vocal chorus amid military-style drum patterns and moody piano and guitar lines. Shoegaze and new wave influences are audible, with a nostalgic feel presented via a highly polished production.

Sharing some background on “Eurovision 2004“, the band said:

“The song was written in 2019, and was originally called Ukrainian Eurovision, because the heavy toms reminded us of Ruslana’s song Wild Dances from 2004. The title was meant as a tribute to one of our favourite countries in Eurovision (I mean Verka Serduchka, what a legend!), but after the invasion of Ukraine earlier this year we decided to scrap the name to avoid confusion around our intentions of this song and renamed it ‘Eurovision 2004’. It’s about playing with the idea of not caring about things that normally matter to you, and what the consequences of that would be.

It picks up where their applauded previous single “Close” left off and sees the group going from strength to strength in exciting times, receiving support slots with Editors and October Drift, collaborating with Elliot Williams (Editors) and announcing their release party at The Windmill in London.

An interesting aside: in 2021 the New York based multidisciplinary artist Fanny Ketter (@f__nny ) made a comic based on the song’s lyrics, before the song was even recorded, and the illustrations have since become the basis for all imagery relating to the song. The comic has dictated the visual direction of press shots, marketing material as well as the forthcoming music video, and has also been made into posters and flyers.

We were delighted to catch up with Junodef for some QuickFire Questions. Be sure to check them out along with the riveting track “Eurovision 2004” below.

Congrats on the absolutely cracking new single. How would you say it compares to your last release, the lauded single “Close”?

Thank you very much! Releasing new music is always fun. Although “Close” and “Eurovision 2004” were both written in the same cabin in the Swedish woods, the sonic approach is very different. “Close” was pretty much the definition of a bedroom recording, with everything recorded and self-produced at home on a laptop, whereas “Eurovision 2004” was recorded at Parlour Studios with legendary Russ Russell who is a great producer and wonderful human being. While “Close” is laid back and somewhat intimate, “Eurovision 2004” is more in your face and driven. I think working on a song in the studio with someone you trust your sound with allows you to push yourself and the song further sonically, especially for us who are mainly driven by live instruments which are hard to recreate on a laptop.

You’re big Eurovision fans. Would you ever audition for it yourselves or do you prefer to stick with spectating?

100% yes we will audition for it at some point. It is Tyra’s biggest dream to write a song for Eurovision, so it will happen one day. We’ll probably not audition as Junodef but in some shape or form, we’ll mount that gorgeous glittery Eurovision stage.

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

I think if someone takes anything away from our music that’s a good thing haha!
I guess that’s the great thing about music and art, that the same song or piece can offer such different things depending on who’s listening. For the band, personally, listening to music has always been such an important part of life from a young age. Finding music that resonates with you is a never ending source of inspiration and has really helped us find our way in life somehow. If our music can offer even 1 per cent of the support, inspiration or emotional resonance that we ourselves have found in our favourite music that would be really cool.

What was it like collaborating with Elliot Williams of Editors on your ‘Covers EP’?

I mean, so lovely. We had such a great time being on tour with Editors in 2020, and completely fell in love with the song Ocean Of Night, so when we decided to do a cover EP during lockdown, that song was a pretty obvious choice. And we’re so glad Elliott was willing to sing a little duet with Tyra on our cover of the song. It really lifted the whole thing to new heights. Doing covers is a very popular thing at the moment, everyone’s releasing cover albums left and right, and we can completely understand why after doing our own cover EP. It’s just something special about diving into someone else’s creation, and trying to understand their thought process and intentions, and put yourself in that space. The balance between respecting someone else’s creation and chopping it up into pieces to make room for yourself is a fun one to work with.

What have been some of your favourite live gigs? Do you have any upcoming shows?

I think basically every show we do at Windmill in Brixton is a favourite. It’s such a great venue for many reasons. Always full of lovely people, the staff is amazing and it’s such a meaningful venue to so many people, and to London live music in general.

Yes, we have a few gigs coming up now, next one at The Shacklewell Arms in Dalston supporting Swedish faves Hater 25th May. After that we’re heading to Sweden to do a few shows there for the first time in three years, one in Stockholm and one in Malmö.