JUNI’s dance-pop jam ‘Bring U Back’: Nostalgia, friendship, and french touch

"It’s a self-indulging fantasy that we all come to share, and we wanted to mock it with the video"
3 June 2024

FM Premiere

Bring U Back marks the debut single from French Dance-Pop trio JUNI’s upcoming EP, Late To The Party, set for digital release on July 12 via Baciami Disques. Consisting of Gregory Hoepffner (Jean Jean, Almeeva, SURE, Kid North), Gary Royant (Tristan Roma, Kid North), and Axel Dallou (Kid North), the band delves into themes of nostalgia and friendship throughout the project. 

The music video for Bring U Back, crafted by Axel Dallou, complements the song’s message by humorously mocking the notion of glorifying the past.

Now everybody’s an instant traveller
Only looking back
So impatient to dip feelings that you had
Selling magic to please a target
Deep inside your heart
The things you loved are slowly coming back to life It won’t bring you back
Back into your bedroom
Is that what you wanted ?
It won’t bring you back Back into your bedroom

The band’s journey through various music scenes has influenced their current style, resulting in a French Touch-infused sound that reflects their youth. Their enduring friendship shapes the authenticity and emotional depth of their music, as they find freedom in creativity together. 

Looking ahead, JUNI aims to bring their energetic live shows to audiences and continue celebrating music. In terms of touring, they dream of sharing the stage with artists like Friendly Fires, Hot Chip, or Cassius. While they may not fit neatly into the current music landscape, their unique sound and approach set them apart. When it comes to music consumption, their eclectic tastes range from Louis Cole to Fontaines D.C. and Converge. In just three words, they describe their sound as daring and audacious.

It’s an amazing feeling to make music with people who know you so well

What are the main themes in the tracks of Juni’s EP ‘Late To The Party’ and how do they connect to the story of friendship that the project aims to tell?

Greg – The title “Late To The Party” sums it up well : meaning we’ve been through a lot of stuff together, we know where we come from and we know who we are now, and so it’s time to just enjoy life without all the BS of the past. God that sounds like an Instagram life coach.

How does the retro music video for ‘Bring U Back’ enhance the song’s musical style and lyrical message? 

Greg – The song is about the urge to relieve your younger years as you get older, especially the culture you grew up with. It’s a self-indulging fantasy that we all come to share, and we wanted to mock it with the video. Life wasn’t better before, it’s a lie that nostalgia shoves into your face and it’s easy and fun to take the bait.

Axel – That’s why you can see a burning teenage room and some old logos going to heaven.

How does the collaboration between Gregory Hoepffner and other musicians in Juni enhance the project’s dance music sound?

Axel – Gregory Hoepffner is not a person, it’s a swedish word which can be translated as “the vibe of the studio” and it’s very important to make dance music. You have to catch the Gregory Hoepffner to make genuine music. You can’t lie to your audience.

Greg – Definitely not a person.

Gary – Not a person but still has a dancing heart in his chest.

How has Juni’s journey through various music scenes influenced the sound and production of their current dance music style?

Axel – The songs themselves are journeys. Most of them were created on Bass/Drums/keys jams with a completely different style. But, for this project we wanted to focus on the fun-side of music. The fun of making “dancy” songs. For years we added and removed things until we decided ” this is the sound” we wanted. It ended up kind of French Touch, because we’re french and that’s our youth. But, even if we framed the music, somehow our own style overflows everywhere and it’s a logical continuity of what we’ve done before.

How does the friendship between the members of Juni, which has endured through different music scenes and challenges, shape the authenticity and emotional depth of their music?

Gary – It’s an amazing feeling to make music with people who know you so well. Everything you say, every idea you have, every bad joke you make, you feel free and never ashamed of. So you can try literally everything, which is the only way to try to make good music I guess.

Greg – This band is basically an excuse for us to have fun together and celebrate our love of music. We are much more productive in jokes than in actual songs.

Axel – We are not friends, we are a boys-in-their-late-thirtys-band (there is a market for this).

How do you see your music fitting into the current music landscape?

Axel  – It doesn’t fit.

Greg – Clearly doesn’t.

Gary – Why would it ?

What upcoming projects or goals do you have for the rest of this year?

Greg – Live shows, a party band needs an actual party.

If you could tour with any artist, living or deceased, who would it be and what makes them your choice?

Axel – Friendly Fires

Greg – Hot Chip, that’s the dream dancefloor band for me.

Gary – Cassius, just to get in touch with Philippe Zdar.

Who would your 3 most played artists on Spotify be?

Greg – Damn I don’t use Spotify, I’m not allowed to answer.

Axel – Louis Cole, Everything Everything, GH Francis

Gary – Alan Braxe, Fontaines D.C., Converge

How would you describe your sound using only three words?

Greg – How, Dare, You