Julie Elody’s talent and authenticity as a vocalist and songwriter has led her to some high-profile collaborations with the likes of MKJ on “Mountain Lion” and Jako Diaz on “Gonna Dance With Your Girl”, that along with her original works, helped her take her solo career one step further. 

Now, she just releases her first single of this year All or Nothing, which brings out an honest storytelling charm coated in layers of Pop gloss for all to enjoy. Infectious songwriting and 80s-inspired production make up the Pop anthem that carries a catchy and relatable energy. Driven by universal sentiments and heavenly vocals that soar above a fun groove, All Or Nothing has something for everyone.

As Julie Elody explains:  “All or nothing is a song about keeping yourself busy to distract from your own uncomfortable feelings. Being busy and productive can look like you have it all together, when in reality it’s a coping mechanism for feeling overwhelmed/anxious. But sometimes this anxiety can make even one action near impossible.  Indecisiveness about the “right” decision is so paralyzing that you end up doing nothing.