FM PREMIERE: julianne talks self-love and preservation with her new track ‘path i choose’

‘’a dynamic shift in my life. deciding to go right or left...or turn around’’
19 January 2023

Artist julianne is back with a new single, path i choose, an introspective pop-rock gem with a heart of gold. With lyrics full of vulnerable self-expression, on this track julianne explores an experience that many will be able to relate to; the feeling of being lost, and afraid of where to turn next.

In addition to her blossoming music career, julianne is also a yogi, and shares some of her holistic knowledge with her followers on Instagram, where she documents much of her journey. She is also an entrepreneur, having launched her own lifestyle brand, loveyourhumansuit. From a glance, it’s easy to see that self-love and preservation are at the centre of julianne’s work, and her latest single reflects that.

julianne describes the song’s meaning as ‘’a dynamic shift in my life. deciding to go right or left…or turn around’’ she explains. 

‘’I was stuck in my habitual ways, unable to move forward until something changed. Writing this song helped me make the decision to move on, to leave and grow, instead of stay and continue to be unhappy. path I choose resembles a fight back for freedom, a stance on admitting where you are wrong and doing what it takes to make your life what you want it to be.”

With a ton of talents under her belt, and several plates spinning in the air, this multi-skilled artist offers her listeners a peaceful place to reflect with this empowering new track. Check out path i choose right now, and be sure to connect with julianne on her socials.

Photo by Eliza Benlulu