Julianne Hough2All signs point towards the fact that Julianne Hough and her long-term boyfriend Ryan Seacrest are secretly engaged.

It’s not confirmed but we did some brainstorming and we think, okay we hope, that they are.

Julianne just dished to Hollyscoop all about her future wedding, further fueling those “she and Ryan are totally getting hitched” rumors.ryan-seacrest-julianne-hough1

“I was one of those girls when I was a kid that never really planned a wedding or thought of the big wedding day,” Julianne tells us, “A wedding to me is whatever, I mean, it’s a cool party but I’m not a big wedding kind of person.”

So we aren’t expecting a Timberlake/Biel sized destination wedding from Julianne, however, she did say she spends a lot of time thinking about her future husband…

“I always thought of who I’m going to be with the rest of my life and what my life is going to be like with that person,” she gushed.Julianne Hough1I wonder if she ever imagined exotic paddle boarding trips and a boyfriend that wakes up at 4am to host a radio show??

For now, the only planning that Julianne is doing is for her new shoe collection with Sole Society.Julianne Hough3

“It’s really been a dream of mine to get into the shoe business but also into fashion in general and what better way to express your personality then through a pair of shoes?

These shoes that we have been designing are definitely more fashion forward, kind of the direction you see on the runway. A lot of fun colors but also very affordable for everybody.”

Julianne joked that she’s so deep in shoe design that she’s running out of places to store them at her home.

“I’ll come home with big bags [of shoes] and there literally isn’t enough room in the closet,” says Hough, “There’s no more room left for shoes we have to go to the guest bedroom now and put all the shoes in there.”
By Madison Vanderberg / hollyscoop.com