Juicy Lemon Club presents ‘Sleepless’

The five-track EP is a deep dive into themes of love, insomnia, and the quest for closeness
17 February 2024
Photo by by Flurina Kühne

An Exploration of Indie-Pop Excellence

Hailing from Switzerland, Juicy Lemon Club has quickly established themselves in the music scene with their unique sound fusion, blending the catchy beats of disco and house with a dynamic mix of both old-school charm and modern sophistication.​ Over the past two years, their presence on the music scene has been undeniable, captivating audiences with performances that showcase their clever musical style, enriched with earnest lyrics and soulful vocals that bring a refreshing diversity and a personal touch to their art.

The band’s latest venture, a five-track EP titled Sleepless, is a deep dive into themes of love, insomnia, and the quest for closeness. Crafted in collaboration with Philippe Laffer at the renowned Alterna Recording Studios and mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, Sleepless stands as a testament to Juicy Lemon Club’s evolving sound and their commitment to musical excellence.

Central to the EP, Sincerely embodies the core of indie-pop, tinted with a melancholy vibe. The song explores the awakening to one’s own value amidst relationship dynamics, making a bold declaration about self-esteem and the bravery required to leave behind ill treatment. Its rich arrangement of guitars, piano, synthesizers, drums, bass, and expressive vocals crafts an enveloping and emotionally charged atmosphere.

Groove is the lifeblood of Juicy Lemon Club’s music. Their tracks exude a live energy that’s irresistibly danceable, adorned with emotive vocal performances that add depth to their disco and indie-pop influenced sound. The lyrics are thoughtful, eschewing the superficial for messages that resonate on a personal level.

Photo by by Flurina Kühne

Reflecting on Sincerely, the band shares, “It’s really about recognizing your own value in a relationship and confronting the lack of respect from the other person. It’s a declaration of independence, a firm stance saying ‘no, you can’t treat me like this or I’m gonna leave.'”

With Sleepless, Juicy Lemon Club not only showcases their musical talent but also highlights their sincerity, passion, and unwavering dedication to artistic growth. This latest release adds a significant chapter to their musical journey, underscoring their unique artistry and solidifying their place in the hearts of indie-pop aficionados worldwide.