Jssan drips scintillating sophomore single ‘Nono’

By Frank Bell

It’s easy to just stay in your lane as a hip-hop artist, but with Chicago-born rapper Jssan, that’s the last thing he wants to do. Even though he only has two releases to his name so far, there is a stark contrast, yet subtle resemblance between the two. ‘Okay’, his debut, is a dark and almost cryptic hip-hop song where he raps with his impressive lyricism throughout, however, he takes on more vibrant climbs with the second single ‘Nono’.

Channeling his Nigerian background and heritage, he has turned to the more fun-loving side of music, with clear afrobeat and pop influences spanning through. It’s upbeat, yet chilled at the same time, which highlights Jssan’s individual style and sonically diverse approach. Hooking up with Grammy award-winning producers, it’s easy to see why this talent is only going to the top of the hip-hop-infused world.




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