We’ve been waiting for this moment ever since the first time we heard JPTR! After 12 full moons and change, this unique concept art / music collective (KIU, IKARU AND IO) is finally releasing a full length record on the illustrious Swiss label Mouthwatering Records. The self titled LP is dropping this Friday. And although the digital version sounds great, and the CD is cool too (especially for your parents), the vinyl is really where it’s at. It’s not only gorgeous but sounds just right and cuddly in that warm analog way.

From the LP, here are ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Jesus Christ JPTR’…Consider them a free pass to another state of pop!

We recommend that you check all of your preconceptions about pop at the door because this is not what you think it is. JPTR are a fun, metamorphosing riddle. Their music is layered with meanings and hyperlinks that will lead you down rabbit holes with portals connecting the most strangely related topics. Did you ever think about what philosophical treatises from the Enlightenment period have to do with mid 90s NYC voguing? We got you there, huh? Tune in and prepare yourself to be violated in the most beautiful ways. Strap on or get strapped!