JoyRukanza unveils her powerful debut album ‘MatterMoreForSis’

"Take inventory of what matters to them, and prioritise that. I’m simply saying matter more for yourself, sister"
7 July 2023

Zimbabwean musician JoyRukanza, who has this incredible ability to tell stories through her music, has just dropped her long-awaited debut album called MatterMoreForSis.

This talented artist named Joy Roselyn Rukanzakanza is dedicated to empowering women through her art, and her new album is only going to solidify her status even more.

MatterMoreForSis is all about personal growth and a powerful love story, inspired by the concept of metamorphosis. JoyRukanza‘s mission to empower women shines through in every heartfelt song. Get ready for a journey filled with raw emotions and transformation.

She is a master at taking her audience on an emotional journey that ends with a powerful message of self-empowerment and the significance of making your own happiness a top priority.

This album has 11 songs, and one of them is the amazing new single called Survive The Night.

MatterMoreForSis has a mix of slow jams, empowering breakup songs, and upbeat tracks that perfectly capture the protagonist’s personal growth. The lyrics are deep and the volcals are moving, which creates an emotional link with the listeners.

Going into more detail, JoyRukanza explains, “Through this album, I appeal to women to find the strength to abandon unfortunate situations, take inventory of what matters to them, and prioritise that. I’m simply saying matter more for yourself, sister.”

Her love for music has been clear from the start. Whether she was leading her high school choir or achieving top grades in academics, her dedication and passion have always shone through.

Not only is JoyRukanza talented in music, but she also makes a real difference in her community. While she was still in college, she started Project Qeqesha back in 2016.

This non-profit venture is doing some really cool stuff to help out female students in Zimbabwe who don’t have a lot of resources. They’re setting up income-earning projects, providing reusable sanitary products, and even offering mentorship and career advice.

In October 2021, she also kicked off the JoyRide Initiative, giving free rides to more than 500 school kids who had trouble getting to school. She’s really passionate about education and getting involved in the community, which totally matches her drive to make a big impact on a global scale with her music.

JoyRukanza is an incredible talent who is truly passionate about what she does and empowering women.

Photos by Travis Owen