JOY Drops Fascinating Debut Album SOFT WHISPER

Los Angeles based electronic producer JOY AKA Ken Hankins just released his debut full length album Soft Whisper. Seamlessly fusing downtempo beats with 1990s stylized IDM and a modern edge, the twelve track 80 minute album paints a pictorial and cinematic masterpiece. Layering tribal drums and angelic female vocals over celestial and sci-fi inspired beats, Soft Whisper beckons and yearns for a great understanding of the universe and the cosmic force that seems to unite us all.

Inspired by the work of artists such as Boards of Canada and Autechre, JOY intertwines whispery, poetic vocals over heavy, experimental electronic beats that echo with deep, low-end bass. Accented by sultry, sensual, and smooth synths, Soft Whisper beckons and yearns for a greater understanding of the universe, the power of love, and the supernatural forces beyond our control. 

Hypnotic and emotive, highlights from the twelve track album include the supersonic jammed out Enchanting Iris and the Aphex Twin influenced Are You Out There?, Forever Time has a “Blade Runner” type of feel while In the Light We Fall features ethereal vocals layered over tribal rhythms and cinematic soundscapes accented with samples from David Lynch’s “Elephant Man.” Soft Whisper is a must-listen for lovers of the experimental electronic and downtempo genres.