Journey Down Lover’s Lane with SACO And BERND

Few tracks encapsulate a lover’s journey quite like Saco and Bernd have done with their latest release, We Are Young, which is out now on Soave Records. With a soft touch and memorable vocals, Bernd takes us through the sensation of being in love and the joy it brings. While this is certainly a common (if not too common) trope in music, We Are Young sets itself apart with the raw emotional value it brings with its production. In the perfect union of acoustic and electronic, Saco and Bernd have created something truly special here. 

Speeding things up from his past two singles, Saco approaches house territory and gives Bernd an upbeat tempo to sing over to a very lively effect. The track is infused with brightness that would stand out on any playlist. Be sure to give it a listen and add it to yours below!