JOSIE PROTO Unveils Sweetly Bizarre Video For TERRIBLE IDEA

“This song shows off both sides of my personality, the feisty, stubborn and proud side, but also the goofy and emotionally sensitive romantic that I try to hide deep, deep down. I had the idea for this song for a long time before I wrote it down, it ended up with a lot of iterations.”
27 January 2021


By Moni B

Refreshing British singer-songwriter Josie Proto releases her EP Oh What A God Awful Stupid Idea, alongside an aptly sweetly bizarre lyric video for mischievous pop tune Terrible Idea…  

On her collection of captivating bedroom pop gems, Josie explains that her EP Oh What A God Awful Stupid Idea it’s “probably the most juxtaposing EP to ever grace the planet. It’s full of my shower thoughts that have somehow wound up in stories of how I think I want to live my life. Just like my brain, it doesn’t really make sense. If you want warm and fuzzy, I have a song for that, if you want attitude and female empowerment, I got one for you, if you want angry and sad, click play… It goes on. This EP is just an extension of the work that I am dying for everyone to hear”