Josiah Simmons unveils ‘Overthinking’: A song about Faith and Resilience

It's an anthem of encouragement, a melody of motivation for those facing the pressures of life
5 November 2023

American singer and songwriter Josiah Simmons shines brightly in the gospel music scene once again with the release of Overthinking. The track is a deeply personal affair through the peaks and valleys of faith, a testament to Simmons’ unwavering commitment to his beliefs.

Josiah Simmons’ struggle with life’s harsh realities can be attributed to the origin of Overthinking. The Christian music artist prayed for divine intervention to navigate through his challenging circumstances. His simple request was to be prepared for whatever awaited him when the opportune moment arrived. Reflecting on this, he shares, “I didn’t realize God was building me up for that perfect timing…I just had to stop overthinking things and trust God.”

The result is a reflective pop song that encapsulates the transformative power of faith in everyday life. Overthinking is an anthem of encouragement, a melody of motivation for those facing the pressures of life. The track’s melodic beauty and poignant lyrics serve as a soothing balm for the soul, urging listeners to relinquish control and trust in the greater plan that guides us all.

The roots of Simmons’ success delve deep into his unwavering commitment to his craft and a resolute faith that has been the guiding force throughout his journey. From the early days of posting covers on YouTube to his strategic Instagram ad campaigns, Simmons’ dedication to his art is evident in every endeavor.

At the core of his success lies a simple yet profound prayer—a commitment to putting God first in all aspects of life. This commitment became a transformative force when Josiah received what he describes as a ‘divine message.’ This pivotal moment propelled him past the fear of failure, setting the stage for the remarkable milestones that followed—thousands of YouTube subscribers and a verified profile on Instagram.

Josiah Simmons’ path, marked by faith, resilience, and an unyielding passion for music, continues to inspire, making Overthinking a must-listen for anyone seeking solace and strength in the melodies of life.