Joshy Connor returns with a lush tapestry of songs: The new album ‘Love Unknown’

"My motivation for making music remains rooted in my deep love for it. I am happiest when playing, recording, or writing music"
27 May 2024

South-East London singer-songwriter Joshy Connor shares his latest album, Love Unknown, a rich blend of folk, pop, and neo-soul that showcases his talent for seamlessly merging genres. Originally poems written during personal milestones, the pandemic, and an entrepreneurial journey, these have now transformed into a lush tapestry of songs.

Connor, a fixture in the UK music industry for over a decade, first gained attention with his 2011 debut album Running. He has since released numerous singles, two EPs, and the album Chronicles. His genre-defying sound has caught the BBC’s attention and enabled extensive performances across the UK, solidifying his place in the singer-songwriter realm.

Despite a recent hiatus, Connor never abandoned his creative pursuits. Initially, he didn’t set out to create a new album; instead, he found solace in writing poetry as a creative outlet during his busy life as a small business owner and father. Reflecting on this period, Connor shared, “I found myself unexpectedly writing and recording an album. Amidst the busyness of life—managing a small business, fatherhood, and all that entails—I have struggled to find time for songwriting over the past few years but started to read a lot, and try to write, poetry instead, which I could do in any moments that I had spare.”

Love Unknown​ draws from diverse influences, including folk, jazz, electronic, and neo-soul, resulting in a rich and cohesive collection of tracks. Connor’s love for music shines through in every song, as he explained, “My motivation for making music remains rooted in my deep love for it. I am happiest when playing, recording, or writing music. This album draws on a diverse range of influences, including folk, jazz, electronic, and neo-soul. Each track, I hope, brings something different whilst being centred around memorable tunes and intricate guitar parts.”

The album features collaborations with Brazilian producer and multi-instrumentalist Murillo Sguillaro (The Beatflux, Muca & La Marquise, The LABRIT Project, Alice SK), who added his production expertise and guitar skills to several tracks. Seb Kellig (The Nix) also contributed to the project. Emphasizing simplicity, Connor focused on intricate harmony and melody. He remarked, “I enjoyed the challenge of writing poems and, in the latter half of 2023, began setting some of these poems to music, resulting in the creation of my album. During the writing process, I aimed for simplicity, clarity, and minimal production, which presented its own enjoyable challenges.”

Two tracks from Love Unknown, Wild and Truth, have been released. Each of the eleven tracks highlights a unique facet of his sound, making Love Unknown a captivating listen, showcasing his knack for blending genres and creating emotionally resonant music.