Josefin1Swedish band Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – fronted by stunning singer Josefin Öhrn and Fredrik Joelson – released their sparkling and hypnotically dreamy debut album ‘Horse Dance’ (out now via Rocket Recordings).

Following the release of their sparkling and hypnotically dreamy debut album ‘Horse Dance’ (out now via Rocket Recordings), Swedish band Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation (fronted by fascinating singer Josefin Öhrn) return with a shimmering and hypnotic psych pop new edit, of album standout track ‘Sunny Afternoon’. The B-side is previously unreleased, ethereally enchanting track ‘Lucid Saphire’.

Speaking about her fascinating world, Josefin reveals…”I drifted into music, spending more and more time alone in huge cities and out by the ocean, inside of sound, mumbling, gradually addicted to repetition and monotony to get to grips with this deepening despair where everyone around me seemed obsessed with re decorating their little cabins on a sinking ship…”
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation1She adds: “I do what it takes to remain in the periphery of this collective breakdown that passes for sanity or reality. I mumble to myself as a kind of psychedelic incantation for protection against the materialistic psychosis that’s seeped into our very cells and become the manifest that orders our every thought and sentiment.

But there’s a lot of hope, since an open and wild state of mind is always accessible from anywhere. More easily in peripheries, to me at least.”

Live dates:
Feb 19 – Debaser Strand, Stockholm / SE
June 5 – Lunar Festival, Birmingham / UK