Jose Gonzalez
By Donna McGarry
SWEDISH folk singer Jose Gonzalez will return to Belfast next month despite leaving fans disappointed after his short and sweet set in May last year.
Gonzalez played to a packed out venue at Spring & Airbrake in Belfast and ran through the set list of his debut album Veneer, in a quick 45 minutes, leaving fans stunned and frustrated.
One concertgoer said: “Between the long queues for the bar and not being able to see the man himself, it seemed by the time I battled to the bathroom and back, the gig was over”.
This time around the Heartbeats singer will take to the stage at Mandela Hall on Saturday October 27 and fans are hoping that playing in a bigger venue with more material from his newly released album In Our Nature will make up for the controversial gig last year.
The Swede cover of The Knife’s Heartbeats earned him worldwide recognition after the song was used in a Sony commercial.
Remember the ad with 250,000 coloured bouncing balls falling from the top of a San Francisco hill with Jose Gonzalez’ tones playing softly in the background.
Unfortunately the bouncing balls are not part of the gig.
Tickets are still available from all good ticket outlets.