JONI’s ORANGE Is A Masterclass In Modern Indie Pop

By Frank Bell

Glistening with an ethereal radiance and drifting through a dreamscape of delicate guitar melodies and glossy vocals, Joni’s Orange is a masterclass in modern indie pop.

Transcending the tropes of hazy guitar music and igniting a warm flame within her glowing harmonies and ambiguously poetic songwriting – Joni takes her listener on an immersive journey through a flurry of distant pasts and blissful nostalgia.

Orange’ was written with my producer, Chris Petrosino, right after I moved from New York City to Los Angeles”, Joni explains. “I’ve spent my whole life moving around a lot and New York was the first place that truly felt like home- I thought I’d be there forever. So after I moved I got really nostalgic for my old life, my old apartment, and walking around late at night. It got to the point where I’d see a taxi in a movie and get a pang of sadness. I find it can be a little cliche to write songs about New York so I wanted to write about the aura of it and the time in my life I spent there. It’s a song more about a feeling than a place.”

In amongst the dreamy verses and captivating chorus, Joni captures a deep, visceral image of a sorrowful yet comforting longing. Reminiscing, reliving and revelling in the familiar feeling of missing what one was.


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