Jon Le Vert unveils ‘WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG)’

"We never know how much we inspire others by simply persevering through our darkest, most challenging moments"
19 March 2024

A testament to resilience and artistic evolution

With his latest single, WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG), Chicago native Jon Le Vert establishes himself as a captivating voice in the music scene. This track, blending intense, dark alternative hip-hop, explores themes of perseverance, overcoming challenges, and the profound influence of personal stories in inspiring others.

The self-directed music video for WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG) by Jon Le Vert, shot by cinematographer Chris Sinnemann, enhances the song’s powerful message with a captivating visual narrative, deepening its emotional impact.

WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG) is a deeply personal coming-of-age story inspired by Jon’s mother’s journey, showcasing resilience and strength in adversity.

Jon aims to convey a powerful message of determination, reflecting on the inspiration behind WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG), Jon shares: “We never know how much we inspire others by simply persevering through our darkest, most challenging moments. I wanted to write a coming-of-age story from the perspective of my mom; her perseverance and overall story have inspired me immensely to push forward despite the dysfunction and doubt I experienced in my own life. As I produced and wrote the track, I wanted to combine hip-hop with elements of electronic.”

Rejection, anxiety, and self-doubt, combined with a lack of familial support, have been a major factor in Jon’s artistic endeavors​. At first, Jon sought solace through acting and filmmaking, and then secured a recurring role on the Netflix original series Daybreak (2019). In his twenties, he’s transcending past hurdles and embarking on a new phase in his artistic ​life.

In WHITNEY (TOO YOUNG), Jon Le Vert celebrates the strength in vulnerability and the power of personal narratives to drive change. Positioned as an artist to watch, Jon’s journey is set to captivate and inspire audiences globally.