RACING pundit John McCririck has revealed he believes Northern Ireland jockey Tony McCoy is the world’s greatest sportsman.
The Channel 4 star, who’s headed for Belfast later this month, said he believed there was noone who could ever rival the Antrim star.
He added: “When you think about all the sportsmen like Ronaldo and such like, just look at what this man McCoy has done.
“Thirteen times champion jockey, the injury threat he has had every day for years, I just don’t believe we’ll see his like again.
“With him it is his will to win that the public has latched on to. He is absolutely determined to win and he gives every horse a ride, whether it is a Monday at Ludlow or the first day of the Cheltenham Festival.”

John, who is to host the St Patrick’s Day Races at Down Royal, added that he was looking forward to arriving in Northern Ireland.
“There are only two words to describe why I’m looking forward to spending St Patrick’s Day in Northern Ireland – the craic.
“I’m really looking forward to going to the event and the races because racing in Ireland has a very special heritage. I was in Northern Ireland briefly last year but haven’t had the chance to stay over in a while.”
However, a self-professed failed gamble, John admits he won’t be placing any bets this year, but has his heart set on buying a share of a horse- “any kind will do.”

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